Swedish matches

Swedish Match is one of the  largest producer of matches in the world and global actor. The production of Swedish matches are placed in Vetlanda and Tidaholm. 

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Swedish matches have always been well known for their quality. We maintain this tradition and continuously work on improving our products.

Every day, Swedish Match manufactures around 5 million boxes of matches in Sweden alone, which is equivalent to around 250 million matches.


  • Swedish Match is one of the world's leading manufacturer of matches and a global actor. Around 40% of our production is sold in Europe while the remainder goes to Africa, Central America, The Caribbean, Oceania and Middle East.

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  • Over the years, a multifarious flora of different match labels has been created – more than nine thousand different export brands are estimated to have been produced in Sweden. Three Stars, "the Mona Lisa of labels", is probably the most famous match brand in the world and was registered as early as 1887.

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