Swedish Match Industries AB

is a part of the Swedish Match Group, and one of the world's leading manufacturers of matches.

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Our quality work

Our entire match manufacturing process breathes quality; from the aspen log to the delivery of finished goods. 

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Environmental aspects

Matches made by Swedish Match Industries AB are to a great extent manufactured from CO2-neutral or recycled materials.

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Modern production

We have been manufacturing matches for more than 150 years. Swedish Match Industries AB is the only remaining manufacturer of matches in Sweden.

About our production

Did you know...

Every day, Swedish Match manufactures around 5 million boxes of matches in Sweden alone, which is equivalent to around 250 million matches.

If you were to place these boxes one top of the other, the number of boxes produced every minute would build a pillar taller that the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The total length of the matchsticks would stretch all the way to Australia...

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Three stars

Since 1887 the Three stars has been primarily an export brand. The number three was commonly used in 19th century match trademarks, signifying luck or even spiritual, philosophical, or biblical relevance.

Swan Vestas

Swan Vestas matches were first introduced in the U.K. in 1883, named after Vesta, the Roman goddess of hearth and home. 

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